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C-PREP is a non-profit organization that conducts participatory research, capacity building and policy with people who want to restore vitality in their communities. C-PREP addresses the external structural barriers of race and class that limit opportunity and the internalized barriers of fear, alienation and hopelessness that extinguish the human impulse to achieve self-reliance and the drive to create constructive change.

C-PREP brings a seasoned team of researchers, trainers, policy analysts and innovators to bear on social problems. C-PREP has deep experience working with low-income communities and people of color. Through knowledge, capacity and policy grounded in everyday reality, C-PREP delivers hope.

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C-PREP has embarked on two important projects. The first involves organizing San Francisco Bay Area Native leaders to create a financial intermediary to raise funds and make grants to support building Native sovereignty by the Native people living in the Bay Area. We have seed support from The Christensen Fund for this initiative. Second, we have received a three-year Local Food Promotions Grant from the US Department of Agriculture to build food sovereignty on the Wind River Indian Reservation in Wyoming. For both projects we need to raise additional funds to support basic operational and administrative costs for C-PREP to carry out these project. In this season of giving thanks for all of the blessings we enjoy, we would like to express our gratitude for our blessings also.

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C-PREP provides management services for the New York Sustainable Agriculture Working Group
Monroe Community College asked C-PREP to evaluate the effectiveness of their Collegiate Science and Technology Entry Program